Kirby Cafe

Growing brains and bodies need healthy fuel to best perform.

We care what goes into the bodies and minds of our community which is why Kirby offers locally and organically sourced lunches every day of the school year. Our Chef, Tracy Landry, creates these on-site.

In addition to their classroom experiences, Kirby students are also introduced to the broader world through the lunch program, and invited to experience new flavors, ethnic cuisines, creative dishes, and exotic vegetables at mealtime. With thoughtful guidance and education, they gain an understanding of how tastes complement each other, how to eat complete proteins, the sources of satisfying fibers, what are complimentary starches, and exposure to plenty of greens and fresh salads.

The greatest explorers are those who are willing to experiment and join the adventure. The students at Kirby have chosen to take the journey together.

Students can sign up for a meal plan for the semester (or the entire year) in advance and receive a 10% discount. This is a convenient option, especially for those students who plan to eat a Kirby lunch every day. Students are encouraged to eat healthfully, and all students may get a lunch any day, regardless of whether or not they have a meal plan. 

Take a look at a sample Monthly Menu.

Tracy Landry
Executive Chef and Food Program Supervisor

Tracy has been cooking in Santa Cruz businesses for over 23 years. She has created menus and meal plans to help balance mood, improve digestion, increase metabolism, boost immunity and rebuild internal organ health. She has worked with families and groups to better their overall health through nutritious eating habits. She has an extensive compilation of personal and professional research into food systems, nutrition, recipes, bio dynamics, sustainability, local/seasonal eating benefits, and how foods and flavors work together throughout the consumption process.

Picture of the homemade salad bar before lunch is served