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The goals of the Music Department are to encourage ensemble participation, enhance knowledge of music theory and history, and build musicianship by offering a wide variety of musical groups and theory application courses, from beginning to advanced level. Emphasis is placed on accuracy of rhythm, pitch, dynamics, and blend to build confidence in performance skills. In addition to formal theory courses, the Music Department incorporates notation, pitch recognition, and tonal memory into the practice of each ensemble.

Kirby School’s Audiolab, an on-site digital recording and sound mixing studio, complements the traditional music program by providing an outlet for modern and popular musical styles such as rock, pop, and electronic dance music. We showcase talented student performers and develop skills in recording, mixing, and producing music. We also explore the intersection of art and science by studying the science of sound, the technology of music recording, and the art of creative sound editing.

Student sings at the Rio theatre

Students performing at Kirby's annual Winter Concert, demonstrating their talent and the effort they've put into the material over the course of the semester.