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Theater Arts

A cast member in a black hat and brown jacket during the performance of annie the musica/
Cast of Xanadu on stage belting the final number
Three students singing a number from Annie, the Musical

College caliber productions.

There are three theater productions each year, a musical, a drama or comedy, and one just for middle school students.

All students are welcome to audition acting, singing, chorus, or dance roles in the musical, drama or comedy and may work on technical crews for theater arts credit. Productions are open to students in all grades, and collaboration between middle and high school students helps to build community and encourages mutual respect. Ongoing involvement throughout the different stages of production affords students with opportunities to develop a range of theater skills.

2023-2024 Performances

Our fall musical, Legally Blonde, will be performed on November 9-12 at the Scotts Valley Community Theater.

Recent Past Performances

Fiddler on the Roof 

She Kills Monsters

The Little Mermaid Jr

The Laramie Project

Chicago Teen Edition


Two lead performers belting songs in Nine to Five
Cast of Nine to Five dancing on stage in a scene
Cast member at a desk with phone and globe and a bookshelf behind full of books
Lead cast members of Nine to Five on floor covered with papers in front a a copier machine on the set
Intense moment in Nine to Five when female cast member yells at her boss
Younger student in cast of Freaky Friday with puppets on her hands
Three cast members of Freaky Friday sing with chorus behind them
Male cast member pointing as he sings on stage of Freaky Friday with chorus behind him
Cast member singing big number with arms out in the air and chorus members behind him
Mom in Freaky Friday has become daughter and is waving spatulas crazily
Cast of all ages singing a number on stage of Freaky Friday

Pictures from recent musical productions, Chicago Teen Edition, Freaky Friday, Nine to Five, and Xanadu.