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Annual Fund

Kirby, like most independent schools, sets its annual tuition lower than the actual cost of educating a student. Doing so allows us to keep our tuition fees accessible to our community while maintaining our robust programs and services. 

We depend on the generosity of family, friends, faculty, and alumni to make up the difference between the cost of our operating expenses and our income by supporting our fundraising initiative, the Annual Fund.

We believe that the middle and high school years should be full of new opportunities, creative pursuits, connections to mentors and the exploration of a variety of intellectual experiences. These experiences are crucial to a growth mindset as they cultivate adaptability, openness and the ability to embrace new ideas.

Our program is tailored to the individual experience. Institutions with 20-30+ students in a classroom can struggle to ensure that every student in their care has the precise education with which to bring about each person's fullest potential. 

Maintaining small class sizes necessitates more faculty. Not only offering but ensuring students are able to do everything they want to do during these years of growth--from a zero period class to taking seven subjects to participating in chorus, a theater production, dance, band, club and sport--requires a great deal of collaboration to facilitate. 

Your gift to the Annual Fund helps every child admitted to our program. Kirby School is a registered nonprofit, Tax ID 680413959.