Our Facilities

State of the art facilities are a home away from home for our students.


Every classroom at Kirby is unique.  Teachers are encouraged to organize their space in a way that makes the most sense for their subject and teaching style. Science classrooms are taught in fully equipped labs. Language classrooms are modeled to facilitate communication between peers. Classrooms may have couches, desks, or tables for students, and sometimes all three. With classes averaging just 12 students, teachers have more freedom to create intimate, functional learning environments to suit the students’ needs.

Students in a chemistry classroom

Computer Labs

Kirby has three dedicated computer labs:

  • An open lab with PC computers and designated laptop stations where students can do research or homework during study hall or after school.
  • A computer classroom that is reserved for programming classes and other classes doing online research for projects.
  • An audio/video lab with Apple computers, audio engineering and video equipment, and an adjacent recording studio.

Performing and Visual Arts

To support and enrich our arts programs, Kirby has a wide range of studio spaces and art equipment available for our students:
  • Large dance studio
  • Art studio with an adjoining darkroom
  • Book arts work space and printing press
  • Kiln and pottery room
  • Recording studio
  • Music room
  • Large drama studio
Students in drama room stretch their bodies to prepare for class
Students in a circle stretch and prepare for dance class

Student Spaces

Kirby is more than just a place to learn. It’s also a place for students to study, relax, or just have fun with friends. Students are made to feel welcome in the school with comfortable hangout spots and quiet study areas. We see students making themselves at home during breaks and lunch, but also well after the school day has ended. When students are able to learn in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, they’re happier to come to school every day.

Three students huddled together looking at a computer on the roof deck
Students chill on couches outside of science room