Clubs and Activities

Faculty member discusses strategy games, magic the gathering and card games club with a group of interested students'

Imaginations are brought to life with clubs and activities.

Students at Kirby “dream big” and pursue their many interests in Kirby's faculty-advised activities and clubs. From chess and strategy games to community service initiatives, our co-curricular activities support a wide range of interests. Driven by our values, we pair passionate faculty with activities and interests students want to explore. The outcome is inspiring.

Any student can start a club. They can range from the traditional to the obscure and from the serious to the sublime. 

See which club sparks your student's curiosity!

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Ricardo Anzaldo

Titles: Music Teacher
Departments: Music, Arts

Our teachers are Kirby's lifeblood... the most evident impact this education has had on me can be found in my relationship with my teachers. 

Kirby alumna, Class of '17