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Recreation Area

A student attempts a layup with a defender close at hand on the basketball court

We built a Sport Court, Amphitheater, and Outdoor Classroom and Convening Spaces

After a year of construction, our amazing Recreation Area is complete. Here's what students are saying about it!

We are excited and thankful to our wonderful community for your support in realizing this dream together. Thank you one and all!

Our Recreation Area completes our campus and fulfills the vision of a safe and engaging space for students to learn, socialize, and move.

Kirby School is attuned to our students’ needs and responsive to their growth and development. Completing our campus by constructing a recreation area gives our students a space of their own to cultivate the student culture that we have grown to love at Kirby. 

"There is no better indication of the presence of a school than a recreation area--an outdoor community space--and no better indication of the maturity and longevity of a school’s presence in our community than an investment in its campus. Students need a place to move, convene, and learn just as a community needs a communal gathering space."

Rowland Rebele, Santa Cruz Resident & Community Advocate