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Student Success Team

We know that every student admitted to our rigorous academic program brings with them unique strengths and interests and possesses an individual learning style. We also know that during the course of a school year, experiences may arise that can impact a student’s ability to fully engage in their academic studies.

Sally Donnelly
Director of Learning Services

Jessa Kirk
Academic Dean

Fatima Zavala Ruiz
Clinical Counselor

At Kirby School, the Student Success team--our Learning Services Director, Academic Dean and Clinical Counselor--provide invaluable support to Kirby students. From coming back after an extended absence to facilitating an accommodation plan--from balancing sleep and other developmental needs to scheduling classes ]--our team works closely with each other and with our faculty to support each student's individual needs. 

Contact our Admissions Director to learn more about the services we offer or to schedule a visit.