Middle School Curriculum

7th grade students working on a science project

The middle school years begin a new era in a child's journey to adulthood. It is when they become invested in their identities. They seek control over their lives. They yearn for autonomy

And yet, as they exert their independence, they seek belonging and peer connections. They become hyper-aware of friends, their appearance, their social realm. We understand this sensitive age. We embrace everything middle school students bring to our community. We see and appreciate them.

At Kirby, our program is based on current educational and neurological research. It is designed to be adjusted to fit the needs and interests of each child. Your child can take classes based on their ability, not the class we happen to offer for their grade level. Our curriculum supports growth in core academics as well as cultivates capacity for listening, empathy, and respectful communication. We will challenge each student, not overwhelm them.

We go beyond helping our younger learners discover their intellectual capacity. We cultivate their life-skills, their self and relational-awareness, and their ability to make healthy choices--all of which are essential to succeed in a rigorous college prep environment and life.

"In inculcating a community of respect and open dialogue in my classroom, I need to model the citizenship and comportment that I expect of my students, which keeps my community compass true."

Dr. Jason Brooks, Humanities Faculty