High School Curriculum

Two science intensive path students discuss a project

Kirby faculty work tirelessly to ensure students are constantly engaged with lesson plans connecting content to world events, project-based learning, and assessments that challenge students not merely to recall information, but to apply it and practice what they learn.

Balanced and innovative curricula fuse traditional academics, the arts, and technology. An extensive range of electives across all disciplines affords opportunities for comprehensive study and prepares students for the social, political, and economic realities of the twenty-first century. All courses share common goals: reading analytically, writing clearly, questioning actively, and thinking critically. 

"Because our teachers are highly trained, continuing learners and because we have academic freedom, we bring our wide reading and curiosity to curriculum development. We can respond to changes in the world and in students' interests to develop new units and courses."Dr. Caballero-Robb, Humanities Faculty