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High School Curriculum

Do you want to be part of a high school where you can create your ideal class schedule based on your passions, learn from energetic teachers, and push your boundaries beyond the classroom?

We design our high school program so teens can try everything from being a student athlete, to a performance artist, to a podcaster, to an engineer in our FabLab. Our homework policy means that high schoolers have an intentional amount of homework and school-life balance between academics, extracurriculars, and time with friends.

Students get ready for college in our classrooms that provide hands-on experience with college-level ideas, tools and materials. We give our high schoolers the opportunity to stand out doing what they love.

"Because our teachers are highly trained, continuing learners and because we have academic freedom, we bring our wide reading and curiosity to curriculum development. We can respond to changes in the world and in students' interests to develop new units and courses."Dr. Caballero-Robb, Humanities Faculty