Experiential Learning: Retreats

Student with eyes closed reflecting in a meditative state

Experience, challenge and reflection.  When combined, their alliance creates constructive space for dynamic growth.  Each year, every grade spends part of a week together in an immersion experience.  More than outings: these excursions have purpose.  They create space for personal and social growth. In these moments, students make valuable discoveries about themselves and their relationships. The result is a learning environment that exudes kindness, inclusion and mutual respect--and helps us embrace our differences and commonalities.

2020 Fall Retreats

We expect students to have moments of frustration and difficulty that teamwork, reason or mindfulness can overcome. We also aspire to have each student encounter some experience, interpersonal challenge or new perspective that elates or inspires them. The importance of these moments may not be evident to them until later, but we have confidence that our curriculum is carefully designed to give each student a chance to stretch, grow and make connections.