Strategic Plan

Celebrating our history with renewed commitment.

Kirby School completed a community-wide strategic planning process in 2017 that involved our entire community. The collaborative outcome of this work produced a revised mission statement and a 3-year plan focusing on three values-based objectives.

Strategic Objectives

Diversity and Equity

Prioritize culturally responsive curricula and programs across all departments and school practices. Update marketing, admissions and hiring practices to recruit diverse candidates. Expand the role of diversity in leadership to best support faculty.  


  • Increase diversity in currricular topics and resources;
  • Increase diversity in student body with targeted marketing;
  • Increase support for students of color and LGBTQ students;
  • Increase diversity in staff and leadership;
  • Increase support for faculty in leading culturally inclusive lessons. 

Physical, Emotional and Neurological Development

Expand opportunities for physical activity during and between classes. Invest in recreational space. Re-evaluate our schedule to increase athletic opportunities both during school-day breaks and in after-school athletic offerings.


  • Revise the school schedule to include more opportunity for movement;
  • Provide professional development around student movement to be used in the classroom setting;
  • Provide classroom materials and or furniture that allows for flexibility of space and greater movement;
  • Build into the financial plan the construction of a student recreation area.

Responsive Education

Preserve small class size while stabilizing tuition increases. Prioritize professional development in the annual budget so that teachers have the skills they need to take advantage of this learning environment.


  • Create a 10 and 20 year financial plan;
  • Create an endowment program;
  • Expand the Development Office to include grants;
  • Prioritize Professional Development funds in the annual operating budget.