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Diversity and Inclusion

The Kirby School embraces both the concept and the embodiment of diversity within its educational community. Beyond the ethical imperative to create opportunity for a full range of families in the greater Santa Cruz area, the School believes that diversity fundamentally enhances the quality of education for all students.

A diverse community is not a destination. it is a conscious, ever-deepening process of:

  • Infusing diverse voices and perspectives within the curriculum
  • Ensuring that students’ voices are respected and respectful 
  • Fostering curiosity about and respect for others within our community
  • Creating a safe space where differences are accepted, explored and understood
  • Challenging preconceptions and prejudices 
  • Allocating resources to admit and retain students who will enrich the diversity of the student community
  • Allocating resources to recruit and retain teachers, administrators, and staff who will enrich the diversity of the community

"When I came to Kirby, I realized that Kirby has an entirely different kind of community and mindset than I was used to. I was accepted for who I was. Not only was I accepted; I was valued. At Kirby, there is no right way to be and no right way to think. It’s only important that you think." Kirby 8th grader