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COVID-19 News and Updates

This page provides information for the Kirby School community relating to our response to the novel coronavirus, including distance learning. 

Distance Learning at Kirby began on Monday, March 16th and will extend through the end of the semester. A Pass / No Pass grading system was implemented for work submitted on or after March 16th. 

Attendance: If your student is unable to participate in class for any reason, please email

This page was last updated on April 30, 2020 at 5:00pm.

Kirby COVID-19 Response Plan

Email to Parents

Getting The Most Out Of Classes From Home 

  1. Communicate. Teachers want to hear from their students; the more a teacher knows about a situation, the more they will be able to help. 

  2. Get a routine going. Set an alarm and start every day at the same time to recreate the rhythm of a school day. Print out your school schedule so you know when your “live” Zoom classes are, and build in times each day to work on each subject. 

  3. Get Dressed. Studies show that attire can affect one's attitude and how we approach activities. Get up, shower, do your hair, and get dressed as if you were going to school. 

  4. Have a dedicated study space. Having a dedicated place for school work not only helps create focus, but it also helps “turn off” school mode when you leave that space! Avoid joining Zoom meetings from bed or running around outside logged in on your phone. 

  5. Be present and focused (during live sessions). It can seem appropriate to play on your phone during a Zoom class since you are at home, or turn your camera off and multi-task while just “listening in” to a Zoom class or lecture, but try to fight this urge. Be engaged with the content and class, just like you were physically present in the room. 

  6. Set expectations. Remember that this is still school. Plan on working and being at your designated work station from 8:25am - 2:00 or 3:35pm (with scheduled breaks of course). 

    Summer is close, but we are not quite there yet, friends!

Our school mascot the Griffin with a surgical face mask on

Kirby faculty reinforce best practices to reduce the transmission of the virus in this video. The music, Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon, is used for educational purposes.

Academic Office Contact Information

Academic Concerns
Lawrence Shin


Accommodations & Learning Differences
Sally Donnelly 


Grade Reports, Transcripts & Checklists
Stephenie Dekking


International Students
Amy Hemmert


Student Attendance




Help Desk 

More information about distance learning is available on P-Learning.  If you are unsure of your P-Learning login ID or password, please submit a Help Desk Ticket

Boredom Busters 

Chase away your boredom with this extensive list of ideas and activities for things to do while sheltering in place, curated by Kirby faculty member, Kirstin Olsen.