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The arrival of the Novel Coronavirus in late 2019 and its rapid spread throughout the United States and California in 2020 forced Kirby School to adjust almost every aspect of operation. Our community pivoted to a Distance Learning program nearly overnight, a feat of creativity, resilience and adaptability for everyone. Even as California re-opens aspects of its economy, there are still a great many unknowns. The situation continues to change day to day. We appreciate that transitioning back to school comes with uncertainties and challenges. We are committed to welcoming your children back to school safely and supportively. Check out our Reopening Plan as a visual document.

Important dates:

July 6th                     Reopening Plan announced
July 24th                   Reopening Plan update
July 31st                   Community Zoom with Head of School
August 1st                Online Registration begins; Student Schedules shared
August 14th              Online Registration closes
August 10th-14th      Students may pick up materials from school (schedule will be provided)
August 17th              First day of school 
October 9th               Plan for the second half of the semester announced 
October 16th             Kirby will remain in Distance Learning mode at least until this date.

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Return to Campus Plan 2020-2021

Update: July 24, 2020

Please use this form to ask questions about plans for the coming year. We will address questions at the next Community Zoom meeting on July 31st*, hosted by Head of School Christy Hutton.

(*This meeting was moved from July 24th to provide our community with an opportunity to review our Return to Campus Update, available on July 24.)

Kirby faculty reinforce best practices to reduce the transmission of the virus in this video. The music, Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon, is used for educational purposes.

About Coronavirus

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2020-2021 Major Dates

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